Section 3 Volunteer Probation Officers and Halfway Houses

1 Volunteer probation officers

Volunteer probation officers (VPO) are assigned to one of 886 probation districts (as of April 1, 2015) nationwide where they engage in rehabilitation services that include implementation of probation/parole supervision, crime prevention activities, etc.

Fig. 2-5-3-1 shows the number of volunteer probation officers, percentage of female VPOs, and their average age.

Fig. 2-5-3-1 Volunteer probation officers (VPOs), average age, and percentage of female VPOs

Fig. 2-5-3-1

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Fig. 2-5-3-2 shows the percentages of volunteer probation officers by age groups and their occupations.

Fig. 2-5-3-2 Volunteer probation officers, percentages by age groups and by occupation

Fig. 2-5-3-2

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