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 White paper on crime 2009 Part4/Chapter2/Section7/1 

Section 7  Trends and Treatment of Foreign National Juvenile Delinquents

1 Trends in foreign national juvenile offenders

  Fig. 4-2-7-1 shows the number of foreign national juvenile offenders referred to a family court by public prosecutors (limited to non-traffic penal code offenses and special act offenses excluding violations of road traffic related acts) over the last 16 years, with the data divided into visiting foreign nationals and other foreign nationals.

Fig. 4-2-7-1  Number of foreign national juvenile offenders referred to family courts (1993–2008)

  Examining the number of visiting foreign national juvenile offenders referred in 2008 by nationality, etc. revealed that those from Brazil were the largest in number with 325 (28.2%), followed by South/North Korea with 222 (19.3%), the Philippines with 178 (15.4%), China (including Hong Kong (limited to those who have a passport issued by the Chinese government) and Taiwan) with 165 (14.3%), Peru with 62 (5.4%), and Vietnam with 32 (2.8%). By type of offense theft was the largest in number at 581 (50.4%), followed by embezzlement (including embezzlement of lost property, etc.) at 224 (19.4%), injury at 77 (6.7%), and Immigration Control Act violations at 40 (3.5%) (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Prosecution).