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 White paper on crime 2009 Part4/Chapter1/Section2/3 

3 Traffic offenses

(1) General trend

  The number of cases handled by the police for Road Traffic Act violations (limited to those involving vehicles other than light vehicles, etc.) committed by juveniles has continued decreasing after reaching 1,938,980 in 1985, and was 328,429 in 2008 (Source: The Traffic Bureau, National Police Agency).
  Fig. 4-1-2-2 shows the percent distribution of notified cases (refers to cases notified under the traffic infraction notification system as non-penal offenses) and referred cases (refers to cases referred to public prosecutors offices as penal offenses) by type of violation in 2008.
  The proportion of referred cases was the highest for driving without a license at 31.1%, which was remarkably high when compared with that of adults (5.9%).

Fig. 4-1-2-2  Percent distribution of notified/referred cases for violations of road traffic related acts committed by juveniles by type of violation (2008)

(2) Hot rodders

  Fig. 4-1-2-3 shows the number of hot rodders and hot rodder groups over the last 10 years.
  The number of hot rodders and the number of juvenile hot rodders have both been on a decreasing trend, while the number of groups has also been decreasing since 2003.

Fig. 4-1-2-3  Number of hot rodders and hot rodder groups (1999–2008)