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 White paper on crime 2009 Part3/Chapter1/Section3/4 

4 Probation/parole supervision

  The number of foreign national probationers/parolees newly placed under probation/parole supervision was 1,465 in 2008 (down 2.4% from the previous year) (See Section 7, Chapter 2, Part 4 for foreign national juveniles placed under probation/parole supervision). By nationality, etc., those from China were the largest in number with 485 persons, followed by South/North Korea with 378, Brazil with 129, Iran with 88, and Vietnam with 68 (See Appendix 3-6). Limiting the number to visiting foreign nationals only revealed that the number of those newly placed under probation/parole supervision was 1,171 (down 2.7% (id.)), of which 1,142 were parolees and 29 were probationers (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilitation).
  As of December 31, 2008, the number of foreign nationals (excluding permanent residents and special permanent residents) under probation/parole supervision was 860 (down 4.6% from the same date of the previous year), of which 772 were parolees and 88 were probationers. Of parolees 721 were subject to deportation and 581 already deported, 131 detained in deportation procedures, and 9 provisionally released (Source: The Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice).