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 White paper on crime 2005 Part4/Chapter2/Section5/1 

Section5 Delinquency at Home and School

1 Juvenile violence in families

  Fig.4-2-5-1 shows the trend of juvenile violence in family since1980by their educational and employment situation.
  According to a breakdown by educational and employment background of those juveniles,junior high school students had the largest share,accounting for39.9%in2004.

Fig.4-2-5-1  Trends in cases of juvenile violence in family by their educational and employment situation(1980-2004)

  As the targets of family violence in2004,mothers were the most frequent,accounting for701cases(59.1%),followed by material objects(family property etc.)for153cases(12.9%),fathers for121cases(10.2%),relatives in the same household for118cases(9.9%),siblings for69cases(5.8%),and others for24cases(2.0%)(Source:The Community Safety Bureau,National Police Agency).