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 White paper on crime 2005 Part1/Chapter3/Section4/1 

Section4 Election Offenses

1 Overview

  Fig.1-3-4-1 shows the number of persons newly received by public prosecutors offices over the last10years for Public Offices Election Law(Law No.100of1950)violations.

Fig.1-3-4-1  Number of persons newly received by public prosecutors offices for Public Offices Election Law violations(1995-2004)

  The annual number of persons received depends on the number and scale of elections.It was remarkably high in1995,1999and2003,as nation-wide local elections were held in1995,1999,and2003and elections for the House of Representatives were held in2003.
  Of persons referred for violations of election-related laws in2004,"bribery and solicitation of interests"was the most common,accounting for68.2%of the total,followed by"false registration,vote by non-electors,deceptive voting practices,and improper acts of increasing or decreasing the number of casted votes"with6.8%and"obstruction of free election"with6.6%(Source:Annual Report of Criminal Statistics on Police).