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 White paper on crime 2004 Part5/Chapter4/Section2/1. 

Section2 Parole

1. Significance of parole

  Parole is a system to provisionally release a prisoner sentenced to imprisonment with or without labor before completion of his/her sentence.An adult prisoner before parole should serve a statutory term, of the fixed term of sentence or10years of a life imprisonment sentence.If he/she meets the requirement and is considered to show a repentant attitude,parole may be granted by the decision of a Regional Parole Board.An adult parolee has the obligation to observe certain conditions,being placed under parole supervision until the remainder of the imprisonment sentence expires.In other words,the remainder of the imprisonment sentence is the period of parole supervision or community-based treatment.If the remainder sentence expires without parole revocation,execution of the sentence is terminated.
  The parole system aims to enable those prisoners,whose reform and rehabilitation can be expected,to make the transition from institutional treatment to community-based treatment before completion of their sentence,and to promote their smooth social rehabilitation under the guidance of probation officers.