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 White paper on crime 2004 Part4/Chapter1./Section5./2. 

2. Education and employment of juvenile delinquents

  Fig. 4-1-5-3 shows the change in educational and employment situations of juveniles cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses every five years from1983.In1983,junior high school students accounted for the highest proportion at42.2%,but decreased steadily,whereas senior high school students increased and exceeded junior high school students in1988.Since then,senior high school students has accounted for the largest share,coming to43.4%in2003.Meanwhile,the percentage of employed juveniles has been on a decreasing trend,standing at9.1%in2003.The percentage of unemployed juveniles has been on the rise,standing at13.8%in2003.

Fig. 4-1-5-3 Percent distribution of the juveniles cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses by educational and employment situation(1983-2002)