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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter5/Section1/3. 

3. Juridical persons for offenders rehabilitation services

  Juridical persons for offenders rehabilitation services are nongovernmental organizations that undertake rehabilitation services for offenders and are established under license from the Minister of Justice in line with the Law for Offenders Rehabilitation Services(Law No.86of1995).
  Offenders rehabilitation services undertaken by judicial persons include:(1)continuous aid services(establishing halfway houses and providing offenders with accommodation and necessary aid,such as occupational guidance and daily life guidance);(2)temporary aid services of providing expenses to return home,supplying or lending money or goods,and providing daily life counseling;and(3)liaison and assistance for rehabilitation aid services.
  As of April1,2004,163juridical persons are licensed and one more organization engaged only in liaison and assistance services after notifying the Minister of Justice(Source:Data by Rehabilitation Bureau,Ministry of Justice).