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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter3/Section2/2. 

2. Thefirstinstance

  Table 2-3-2-2 shows the number of defendants finally disposed in the first instance by district and family courts in2003,by type of offense. Table 2-3-2-3 shows the same data in summary courts.
  Among the total defendants finally disposed in the first instance of district,family and summary courts in2003,92,100(10.5%of the total)were disposed in ordinary proceedings and786,992(89.5%)were by summary proceedings.A large majority of defendants were disposed in summary proceedings.
  Defendants finally disposed by district courts increased by4,403(5.9%)from the previous year to78,595in2003.By type of offense,most defendants were disposed for Stimulant Drug Control Law violations(15.5%of the total),followed by theft(14.4%),injury caused by negligence(11.0%),and road traffic violations(10.3%).
  Defendants finally disposed by family courts for adult criminal cases against juveniles welfare increased by65from the previous year to356in2003.Most(336defendants)were for Child Welfare Law violations,15were for Labor Standards Law violations and five were for violations of the Law on the Prohibition of Minors'Drinking Alcohol(Law No.20of1922)(Source:Annual Report of Judicial Statistics).
  The number of defendants finally disposed by summary courts in ordinary proceedings increased by1,002(8.2%)from the previous year to13,149in2003.Defendants sentenced to imprisonment with labor were11,419,most of which(95.3%)were for theft,and those defendants sentenced to fine were1,459,of which those for road traffic violations(26.5%)and those for injury(22.1%)accounted for about50%.Those sentenced to fine or minor fine in summary proceedings decreased by64,163(7.5%)from the previous year to786,992.By type of offense,most of them were convicted of road traffic violations,accounting for82.2%.

Table 2-3-2-2 Number of defendants finally disposed by district and family courts,by type of offense(2003)

Table 2-3-2-3 Number of defendants finally disposed by summary courts,by type of offense(2003)