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 White paper on crime 2001 Part 1/Chap.2/Sec.4/1. 

Section 4 Extremist Group Offenses

1. Guerrilla incidents

  Considering it as the top priority goal for struggle in 2000 to prevent the holding of the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit, various extremist groups carried out protest actions such as firing rockets into the U. S. Military Base in Yokota. Furthermore, they continued to commit vicious guerilla and other illegal acts for the purpose of sabotaging the Phase II construction work for the New Tokyo International Airport.
  Table I-25 shows the trends in the number of guerrilla incidents by various extremist groups in the last five years. 4 incidents occurred in 2000, down by 5 from the previous year. Of these incidents, 3 were targeted at individual residences. By type of means of offense, 1 incident involved the use of a timing launcher and rockets, 2 incidents involved the use of time bombs, and 1 incident involved the use of a timing ignition system.