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 White paper on crime 2001 Part 1/Chap.2/Sec.4/3. 

3. Arrest of persons involved in the Red Army

  In 2000, 5 members of the Red Army including its top executives and supporters who had hidden them were arrested one after another. The Red Army committed a number of terrorist attacks all over the world during 1970s, such as the Tel Aviv Airport massacre, the Hague attack and the Kuala Lumpur attack. In addition, a former member of the Red Army faction, from which the Japanese Red Army was formed, who had participated in the Yodo-Go hijacking and been taken into custody in Thailand, was extradited to Japan and arrested. Thus, persons concerned with the Red Army who had fled abroad were cleared.

Table I-25 Number of guerilla incidents (1996-2000)

Table I-26 Number of intra-group strife incidents (1996-2000)