2 Treatment provided in juvenile training schools

(1) Classes of juvenile training schools and correctional education curriculum

Juvenile training schools fall under the following four classes and each juvenile training school accommodates, according to the designated class, the following persons categorized based on age, level of criminal tendency, mental and/or physical condition, etc.:

As of April 1, 2020, there were 48 juvenile training schools nationwide (including six branch schools).

Correctional education curriculum is designated for each juvenile training school to conduct correctional education in a systematic and organized manner. Correctional education curriculum is determined according to [1] types of inmates who fall under certain common characteristics in light of their age, their condition of mental and physical disorder and degree of criminal tendencies of them, [2] necessary ability for adapting themselves to living in society and [3] other circumstances. Correctional education curriculum refers to focused contents and standard periods of correctional education provided for inmates.

(2) Correctional education

The centerpiece of treatment in juvenile training schools is correctional education. Inmates are provided with five fields of guidance: lifestyle guidance, vocational guidance, guidance in school courses, physical guidance and special activities guidance.