2 Preparation of penal statutes reflecting changes in crime trends

A variety of new legislation has been introduced concerning the punishment to impose on crimes. Some important revisions of the Penal Code have also taken place in thus enabling a wider range of sentencing and dispositions that better reflect the status of the crime trends. The changes include tightening penal provisions for violations of traffic related acts, preparing new penal statute, and reviewing statutory penalties in response to a new era. In addition, revisions were also made regarding the statute of limitations, etc. for offenses resulting in death (Act No. 26 of 2010). Moreover, the Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure, etc. were revised in 2011 (by Act No. 74 of 2011) to punish the offenses utilizing the advanced way of information processing and the malignant trick in obstruction of compulsory execution. For this purpose, those revisions included new penal statute to criminalize the illegal creation of unauthorized commands for electromagnetic records, provided for new method of seizure with an order to record the data which enabled investigative authorities to seize electromagnetic records by making the person with the right to hold and utilize the electromagnetic records print the data or copy it on a data carrier, and expanded the scope of punishment and raised the statutory penalty for obstruction of compulsory execution (See Section 2 and 3, Chapter 3, Part1).