2 Benefit payment system for recovery from damage

The revision of the Organized Crime Punishment Act (by Act No. 86 of 2006) has enabled proceeds that an offender acquired from the victim by a criminal act of property offenses, etc. (crime proceeds), to be confiscated/collected under certain conditions since December 1, 2006. In addition, the Act on Recovery Payment to be Paid from Assets Generated from Crime (Act No. 87 of 2006) provides victims, etc. with benefits for recovery from damage, using confiscated/collected crime proceeds and equivalent proceeds transferred from foreign countries. In 2011 the decision to commence the payment procedure of benefits for recovery from damage was made in 14 cases (13 of them were for Organized Crime Punishment Act violations). The decided amounts to be paid at the time of the decision to commence the payment procedure totaled 206,041,619 yen. The recovery payment procedure was completed in nine cases in 2011. The amounts paid totaled 26,707,881 yen, with 611 (including those through special payment procedure) of 647 applicants.