2 Notification system for victims, etc.

When a public prosecutor disposes a case with a complaint, etc. by prosecuting it or not prosecuting it, he/she has to inform the complainant, etc. of the disposition without delay after the disposition. In case of non-prosecution, the public prosecutor must also promptly inform the complainant, etc. of the reason for that disposition upon request.

Furthermore, a public prosecutor informs the victims, etc. of the disposition of the case, the date of the public trial, and the sentence rendered by request in cases where the victim was killed or other equivalent serious cases, as well as in cases in which the public prosecutor has interviewed the victims, etc. (notification system for victims, etc.). The pertinent information including a summary of the charged fact, the principal reasons for non-prosecution, and the progress of the trial, etc. is also given to the victims, etc. by their concrete request. In 2011 notifications were made for a total of 44,400 cases on the result of the disposition, 23,035 on the date of the public trial, and 35,718 on the sentence rendered (including notifications to witnesses, etc.) (Source: The Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice).