4 Probation/parole supervision

The number of foreign national probationers and parolees newly placed under probation/parole supervision was 1,050 in 2011 (down one person from the previous year). By nationality, etc., the largest in number of 323 were from South/North Korea, followed by 305 from China, 105 from Brazil, 72 from Iran, and 46 from Vietnam (See Appendix 4-6). When limiting to visiting foreign nationals, 784 were newly placed under probation/parole supervision (down 23 persons (id.)), of whom 766 were parolees and 18 probationers (Source: Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilitation).

As of the end of 2011 the number of foreign nationals (excluding permanent residents and special permanent residents) under probation/parole supervision was 541 (down 50 persons from the end of the previous year), of whom 498 were parolees and 43 probationers. Of the parolees 448 were subjects of deportation, with 381 having already been deported, 64 detained under deportation procedures, and three provisionally released (Source: The Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of Justice).