4 Crime prevention activities

(1) The Brighter Society Campaign, etc.

Crime prevention activities are of a wide range and include fostering more informed public opinion and improving social environments. Concrete activities include various public participation events, including lecture meetings, small public meetings to discuss the problems of delinquency, counseling on juvenile delinquency, and events held for both parents and children, and efforts to strengthen collaborations with junior high schools, including holding conferences on community problems by probation offices, volunteer probation officers’ associations, and junior high schools.

These activities are implemented throughout the year by probation offices, volunteer probation officers’ associations, Women’s Associations for Rehabilitation Aid, and BBS Associations, etc. in cooperation with the various relevant agencies and organizations. The Brighter Society Campaign Community Power to Prevent Offences and Delinquencies and Support Rehabilitation is advocated by the Ministry of Justice, designating every July as the month to promote the campaign.

(2) Voluntary crime prevention activities

In recent years many local residents have been active in voluntary crime prevention activities. As of the end of 2011 the National Police Agency recognized 45,672 crime prevention volunteer groups and a total of 2,713,968 members.