Section 4 Reintegration of Serious Offenders Back into Society

Serious offenders typically have significant disposition problems such as a lack of morals and warped views, etc. Moreover, there are various difficulties that they face with in leading social lives, such as the society's harsh feelings against them for the reason that they committed a serious offense, etc. Their reintegration back into society can therefore be difficult but quite a few of them eventually rehabilitate themselves as sound members of society, through regretting their commission of the offense, having a sincere will towards their reform and rehabilitation, and making efforts with the understanding and support of the people around them, including their family.

This section presents cases involving those who achieved good results in their parole supervision at probation offices and were considered to have truly rehabilitated themselves, among those who committed a serious offense, imprisoned for that offense and then released on parole. The factors that appear from these cases to facilitate their reform and rehabilitation were examined (in presenting the cases slight modifications were made in order to avoid the identification of the individuals).