2 Payment system for benefits for recovery from damage

Amendment of the Anti-organized Crime Act (by Act No. 86 of 2006) has enabled any property, etc. that an offender acquired from the victim by a criminal act, including property offenses, etc. (assets generated from crime), to be confiscated/collected under certain conditions since December 2006. In addition, the Act on Recovery Payment to be Paid from Assets Generated from Crime (Act No. 87 of 2006) provides, using confiscated/collected assets generated from crime and equivalent assets transferred from foreign countries, with benefits for recovery from damage to crime victims, etc. In 2009 the decision to commence the payment procedure of benefits for recovery from damage was made in 12 cases (11 of them were for offences including Anti-Organized Crime Act violations). The decided amounts to be paid per case at the time of decision of the commencement were at the minimum 279,000 yen and at the maximum 53,815,253 yen, and in total 109,516,365 yen. In addition the recovery payment procedure was completed in four cases in 2009. The amounts paid per case were 42,238 yen (one applicant), 429,440 yen (one applicant), 3,838,680 yen (11 applicants), and 7,575,798 yen (48 applicants), and 11,886,156 yen in total.