2 Violence at schools

The number of cases of violence occurring at schools reached the peak of 2,125 in 1983 and the number of juveniles either cleared or guided by the police for violence at schools the peak of 10,468 in 1981, both of which then started decreasing, however, and accounted for 448 cases and 897 juveniles, respectively, in 1996. Both numbers have generally been on an increasing trend in recent years. In 2009 the number of cases was 1,124 (down 7.3% from the previous year) and the number of juveniles 1,359 (down 8.1% (id.)). Examining the number of juveniles cleared (guided by the police) by educational/employment status revealed that junior high school students dominated in number every year. In 2009 the number of junior high students was 1,246 (91.7%), that of school students 81 (6.0%), and that of elementary school students 32 (2.4%) (Source: The Community Safety Bureau, National Police Agency).