3 Discharge or continued hospitalization

Managers of designated inpatient care hospitals are required to apply every six months for confirmation of the need to continue hospitalization of those hospitalized, and immediately for their discharge from the hospital if it is deemed unnecessary for them to remain hospitalized to receive medical care. In addition, those hospitalized and their guardian or attendant can apply for permission to be discharged or for terminating their medical care at any time. Courts make the final decision on whether continued medical care is necessary or not, etc. at hearings upon application. In 2009, 232 applications for permission to be discharged were filed by managers of designated inpatient care hospitals, with 66 applications for permission to be discharged from a hospital/termination of medical care being filed by those hospitalized, etc. (excluding transfers). 168 received a decision which permitted them to be discharged from a hospital (decision to allow the person to be discharged from the hospital and allow them to receive outpatient treatment) and 48 received a decision to terminate medical care (Source: Annual Report of Judicial Statistics).