2 Foreign nationals illegally overstaying

The number of foreign nationals illegally overstaying in Japan (estimated figures as of May 1 for 1996 and earlier and as of January 1 for 1997 and later) reached the record high of 298,646 in 1993 but then turned to a decreasing trend. In accordance with the goal to “halve the number of foreign nationals illegally overstaying by the end of 2008”, set at the Cabinet meeting on crime countermeasures in December 2003, comprehensive measures such as stricter entry inspections and exposure have since been implemented in close cooperation with the relevant agencies. As a result, the number significantly decreased to 91,778 as of January 1, 2010 (down 18.8% from the same date the previous year), which was 41.8% and 30.7% of that in 2004 and 1993, respectively. With respect to the number of illegally overstaying foreign nationals as of January 1 2010, it was revealed that, by their nationality, etc., those from the Republic of Korea were the largest in number at 23.6%, followed by China at 14.1%, and the Philippines at 14.0% (Source: The Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice).