4 Treatment through the rehabilitation procedure

Offenders granted suspension of the execution of their sentence with probation (probationers) are placed under probation for the length of their suspended execution period. The Regional Parole Board can in some cases decide to release an inmate on parole before completion of their term of imprisonment. All inmates released on parole (parolees) are then placed under parole supervision for the length of their period of parole. Offenders placed under probation/parole supervision receive guidance, supervision, and rehabilitation assistance from probation officers at probation offices and volunteer probation officers (private volunteers).

With the aim of enhancing the functionality of rehabilitation the Offenders Rehabilitation Act (Act No. 88 of 2007) was established by consolidating and integrating the content of the Offenders Prevention and Rehabilitation Act (Act No.142 of 1949) and the Act on Probationary Supervision of Persons under Suspension of Execution of Sentence (Act No.58 of 1954) and has been in effect since June 1, 2008.