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 White paper on crime 2004 Part5/Chapter4/Section3/3. 

3. Parole and consideration given to victims

  Consideration to victims in criminal justice was overviewed in Part3,Chapter2 .In this sub-section,consideration to victims in parole will be featured.

(1) Investigation on crime victims etc

  With respect to"repentant attitude,"the practical requirement for granting parole,the following four items are judged comprehensively:(1)whether a prisoner shows signs of remorse for his/her offenses,(2)whether he/she shows a willingness to reform him/herself,(3)whether he/she shows no likelihood of repeating an offense,and(4)whether social sentiment is approving of him/her being granted parole.In(4)above,the sentiment of victims is one of the elements for judging social sentiment.In those offenses resulting in death or severe injury,where necessary,investigations are carried out to gather information on the sentiment of victims or their bereaved families and compensation for damage to victims.The investigations results are used as important data in examining the grant of parole.In2003,investigations were carried out about victims etc.for760parole cases(Source:Data by Rehabilitation Bureau,Ministry of Justice).

(2) Providing victims etc.with information on prisoners release

  It is natural that crime victims wish to know whether a prisoner will be released or when he/she will be released.Two special systems have been established to notify victims etc.of information on prisoners release.The first is called the"System of Notification to Victims etc.,"which aims to notify victims etc.,who wish to know,of the date when the prisoner will be released,and,after he/she is released,the fact of release and the date thereof.The second is called the"System of Notification of Release Schedule and Other Details,"which aims to notify such victims etc.of release schedule about the prisoner released on parole or on completion of the sentence,and the planned place of next abode,prior to release to prevent repeated damage to victims.
  Table 5-4-3-3 shows the number of notifications made under these two systems since the System of Notification of Release Schedule and Other Details was enforced in October2003.

Table 5-4-3-3 Notification of information on prisoners release to victims etc.(October2001-December2003)