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 White paper on crime 2004 Part4/Chapter2/Section6/5. 

5. Measures during supervision

(1) Measures for juvenile probationers/parolees who have improved

  Measures for good-conduct may be taken for a juvenile under supervision who shows improvement in his or her behavior and is considered unlikely to repeat a delinquent act.There are two types of good-conduct measures for juvenile probationers.The first is early discharge from probation,while the second is temporary suspension of supervision.Both are taken by the decision of the director of a probation office.On the other hand,there is only one type of good-conduct measure for juvenile parolees,which is early discharge from parole by the decision of a Regional Parole Board.
  In2003,early discharge from probation was taken for40,591juvenile probationers(42,657in the previous year),of which those juveniles under short-term probation for traffic offenses stood at21,397(23,500in the previous year).Temporary suspension of supervision was taken for60juvenile probationers(86in the previous year),while early discharge from parole was applied to1,077juvenile parolees(1,084in the previous year)(Source:Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilitation and Data by Rehabilitation Bureau,Ministry of Justice).

(2) Measures for juvenile probationers/parolees who have not improved

  Measures for bad-conduct must be taken for those juveniles who violates any probation/parole condition or repeats a delinquent act.Bad-conduct measures are taken in the form of notification(from a probation office director to a family court o require new disposition)for a juvenile probationer.For a juvenile parolee,a measure is taken to return the juvenile to a juvenile training school(by the decision of a family court in response to a proposal from the director of a probation office and a request from a Regional Parole Board).
  In2003,notification to family court was made for29juvenile probationers(33in the previous year),while10juvenile parolees(seven in the previous year)were returned to juvenile training schools(Source:Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilitation).