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 White paper on crime 2004 Part4/Chapter1./Section4 

Section4 Status Offenses

  Fig. 4-1-4-1 shows the number of juveniles finally disposed by family court for status offense and the female proportion in status offenders since1969(see Appendix4-6).The number of finally disposed status offenders had been over3,000in the period of1980-1984,but decreased below1,000in1994.Since then,it has remained at a low level,standing at 884 in 2003.
  By type of status offenses,running away from home has almost always accounted for the largest,coming to40.8%of all cases in2003.
  Female proportion in status offenders has basically remained as high as around60%since1985,although it was below60%since1997until it rose to60.5%in2003.

Fig. 4-1-4-1 Number of juveniles finally disposed by family courts for status offenses and female proportion(1969-2003)