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 White paper on crime 2004 Part4/Chapter1./Section2./1. 

Section2. Trends in Juvenile Special Law Offenses

1. Number of juveniles referred by the police

  Fig. 4-1-2-1 shows the number of juveniles referred by the police to family courts for non-traffic special law offenses since1956,the year in which the National Police Agency started to publish the details of juvenile special law offenses in Criminal Statistics(see Appendix4-5).
  The number of juveniles referred for overall special law offenses peaked twice,in1963at18,967and in1983at39,062.After these peaks,it was on the decline,but has increased to6,771(up320or5.0%from the previous year)in2003.By type of offense,Firearms and Swords Control Law violations had the largest share in the period of1955-1969,but drug offenses have accounted for the largest since1970.

Fig. 4-1-2-1 Number of juveniles referred by police for special law offenses(1956-2003)