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 White paper on crime 2004 Part3/Chapter2/Section2/3. 

3. Compensation for Damage to Witnesses etc.

  The Law Concerning Compensation for Damage to Witnesses etc.was promulgated on April30,1958,and came into force in July1958under circumstances where violent offenses such as injury,assault etc.were committed against witnesses,unsworn witnesses,or their family or relatives the course of investigation or formal trial on crimes committed by organized crime groups.
  The Law provides that,where witnesses or unsworn witnesses of criminal cases or their relatives are killed or injured in connection with their statements to judges or investigating authorities,or their appearance or their attempt to appear at the courts for the purpose of making statements,the government shall provide compensation for medical treatment,injury or sickness,disability,bereavement,funerals and so forth.A partial amendment to the Law,effective since April1,1996,expanded the target of compensation for nursing care needed as a result of injury that is to be covered by the compensation under the law.
  >From the law enforcement to2003,compensations were made in five cases(Source:Data by Criminal Affairs Bureau,Ministry of Justice).