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 White paper on crime 2004 Part3/Chapter1/Section1./3. 

3. Property Damage

  Table 3-1-1-4 shows the trends of reported property offenses(robbery,extortion,theft,fraud,embezzlement and misappropriation of lost property),the number of those offenses involving human victims,and the amount of property damage(including cases in which victims are corporations or groups)over the last10years since1994.
  In 2003,the number of reported property offenses involving human victims was2,100,051,a decrease of117,323or5.3%from the previous year,and the total amount of property damage was339.79billion yen,a decrease of36.09billion yen or9.6%.Both figures continued to increase through1996and2002,but have declined in2003.By type of offense,the amount of damage by theft was approximately269.08billion yen,accounting for about80%of the total amount of damage,followed by fraud with49.12billion yen(14.5%),embezzlement with14.58billion yen(4.3%)in2003.

Table 3-1-1-4 Number of property offenses known to the police and the amount of damage(1994-2003)

  In2003,the total amount of damage in cash in property offenses was approximately113.32billion yen.By type of offense,the damage by theft was about59.48billion yen,accounting for52.5%of the total amount of damage in cash,and that by fraud was about38.17billion yen,accounting for33.7%.By type of modus operandi for theft,the amount of damage by theft from houses was about33.77billion yen,accounting for29.8%of the total amount of damage in cash,while that by non-invasive theft was about25.22billion yen,accounting for22.3%(Source:Criminal Statistics by National Police Agency).