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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter5/Section3/5. 

5. Results of supervision

  In 2003,parole/probation supervision was concluded for15,576adult parolees and5,391adult probationers.For the reasons of those conclusions,a92.6%of adult parolees were completion of their terms and a6.6%were revocation of parole,while a64.3%of adult probationers were completion of their terms and a33.0%were revocation of suspended sentence.The examination on their previous offenses for which they were imprison-paroled or put on probation,excluding each of offences that less than100probationers or parolees had committed,revealed that the percentage of parole revocation was the highest for theft(11.1%),followed by Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law violations(7.6%),breaking and entering(6.9%),and Stimulant Drug Control Law violations(6.5%),while the percentage of probation revocation was the highest for theft(43.3%),followed by breaking and entering(38.0%),extortion(33.6%),Stimulant Drug Control Law violations(33.5%)(Source:Annual Report of Statistics on Rehabilit ation).