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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter5/Section1/1. 

1. Organizations for rehabilitation services

  Rehabilitation services have the following organizations:the Rehabilitation Bureau and the National Offenders Rehabilitation Commission in the Ministry of Justice;eight Regional Parole Boards established in each high court jurisdiction(hereinafter referred to as"Regional Boards"in this chapter);50 Probation Offices established in each district court jurisdiction.The Rehabilitation Bureau,an internal subdivision of the Ministry,administrates rehabilitation services nationally.The National Offenders Rehabilitation Commission is a council consisting of a chairperson and four members,and applies to the Minister for a pardon of a particular person.Regional Boards are councils consisting of three to12board members and decide whether a parole should be granted.Probation offices are engaged in probation and parole supervision,urgent aftercare of discharged offenders and crime prevention activities.
  As of April1,2004,the number of regional Boards members was55. Probation officers are assigned to secretariats of Regional Parole Boards(110persons)as well as to probation offices(1,004persons)(Source:Data by Rehabilitation Bureau,Ministry of Justice).They are engaged in probation and parole supervision,personality examination of offenders and other rehabilitation services as well as crime prevention activities.They have expertise necessary for rehabilitation services such as medicine,psychology,education,and sociology.