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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter4/Section3/5. 

5. Security

  The security in penal institutions is indispensable to secure safe orderly life for inmates,and is the foundation upon which the treatment of inmates can be smoothly implemented.
  Inmates who have violated the rules of penal institutions are punished.In2003,disciplinary punishments for such violations were imposed on43,173inmates.Among those violations,neglect of work duty(18.4%)and assaults on other inmates(14.3%)have high percentages(Source:Annual Report of Statistics on Correction).
  Table 2-4-3-5 shows the accidents that occurred in penal institutions in2003,including escapes,homicide and injury etc.The number of accidents was 22 in 2003,a significant decrease from34in the previous year.

Table 2-4-3-5 Number of accidents that occurred in penal institutions(2003)