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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter3/Section4 

Section4 Detention and Bail

  Table 2-3-4-1 shows the detainment during trials of the defendants finally disposed in the ordinary first instance in2003.The defendants detained by district courts in2003were65,000and their percentage was81.0%,in a slight increase from the previous year(79.9%).Of the detained defendants,8,240were released on bail and their percentage was12.7%,a slight decrease from the previous year(13.4%).
  The total number of defendants detained by district courts or summary courts has increased:it was58,465in1999,63,097in2000,66,871in200171,539in2002,and77,071in2003(Source:Annual Report of Statistics on Prosecution).

Table 2-3-4-1 Detainment during trials of defendants finally disposed by first instance courts(2003)