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 White paper on crime 2004 Part2/Chapter3/Section3/4. 

4. Fines

  Table 2-3-3-3 shows the number of defendants sentenced to fine in the first instance(including summary orders)in2003.Most fines(82.2%)were for road traffic violations,followed by injury caused by negligence(11.7%).
  The number of defendants sentenced to fine of less than¥100,000was446,024,accounting for56.7%of the total fines,and most of them(99.2%)were for road traffic violations.Fines of¥200,000or more have much increased from185,151in the previous year to256,532.This is because the penal provisions for malicious and dangerous driving etc.were strengthened through amendment to the Road Traffic Law(enforced in June2002)and the upper limit of fine was raised accordingly(raised from¥50,000to¥300,000for driving while slightly drunk,from¥100,000to¥500,000for driving while intoxicated,and from¥100,000to¥300,000for driving without a license,respectively).The number of fines of¥200,000or more for Road Traffic Law violations was only968in2001,but was104,455in2002and166,887in2003(Source:Annual Report of Judicial Statistics).

Table 2-3-3-3 Fines inflicted in the first instance,by type of offense(2003)