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 White paper on crime 2004 Part1/Chapter3/Section2 

Section2 Offenses Committed by Juvenile Offenders with Crimina lHistories

  As shown in Fig. 1-3-1-1 ,the number of juvenile repeat offenders cleared for non-traffic penal code offenses have increased since1997to40,381persons and their proportion has rose since1998to28.0%of all juveniles cleared in2003.
  Table 1-3-2-1 shows the number of repeat offenders cleared for major offenses,their proportion to all cleared juveniles,and their previous disposition in2003.Proportion of repeat offenders was28.0%of all juveniles cleared whereas it was more than50%of those cleared for homicide,robbery,extortion,injury resulting in death,and rape,and more than40%of those cleared for injury,assault,intimidation,fraud,and destruction of objects,which indicates that repeat offenders proportion is high for heinous and violent offenses.
  When previous dispositions are examined,those juveniles who had been disposed as dismissal without hearing at family courts accounted for the largest share of all juveniles cleared(10.7%),followed by those disposed as probation(4.9%)and those disposed as dismissal after hearing(3.4%).That may reflect the fact that,in dispositions for juveniles at family courts,dismissal without hearing was most common,followed by probation and dismissal after hearing(see Part4,Chapter2,Section2-2 ).

Table 1-3-2-1 Number of juvenile repeat offenders cleared for major offense,their proportion to cleared juveniles,and their previous disposition(2003)