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 White paper on crime 2001 Part 2/Chap.3/Sec.6 

Section 6 State of Trials and Sentencing in Cases Involving Aum Shinrikyo Cult Members

  Prosecution for formal trial has been instituted against 189 persons in connection with the series of cases allegedly involving Aum Shinrikyo cult members, including the Sarin gas subway attack on March 20,1995. As of June 20, 2001, sentences of the first instance have been handed down to 183 of these defendants, while the other 6 are still awaiting the first instance trial. Of those who have been sentenced, 162 have received final judgment. More specifically, 158 have been sentenced to imprisonment with labor, of which 71 have been imprisoned and 87 (including 2 found partially not guilty) have been given suspension of execution of sentence, 3 sentenced to fines and 1 found not guilty. Death sentences have been handed down to 7 defendants. 16 defendants, including these 7, are awaiting Koso appeal judgments and 5 other awaiting Jokoku appeal judgments (Source:Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice).