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 White paper on crime 2001 Part 2/Chap.3/Sec.2/1. 

Section 2 Judgments

1. Defendants finally judged by trial

  Table II-3 shows the results of trials for offenders whose final judgments were confirmed over the last ten years.
  The number of defendants whose judgments became final in 2000 decreased by 103,787 (9.5%) from the previous year. By type of sentence, the numbers for imprisonment with labor for a limited term (7.4% of the total), imprisonment without labor for a limited term (0.3%), and imprisonment with labor for life (0.006%) increased from the previous year while the number for fines (91.9%) decreased. The number of defendants who were found not guilty dropped to 46 (0.005%), the second lowest figure over the last ten years.

Table II-3 Number of defendants finally judged by trial in all cases (1991-2000)