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 White paper on crime 2000 Part1/Chap.4/Sec.1 

Chapter 4 Offenses Committed by and against Japanese Nationals Overseas

Section 1 Overseas Travel and Overseas Residence by Japanese Nationals

  Fig. I-21 shows trends in numbers of persons traveling overseas from Japan and their destination over the last ten years, by region.

Fig. I-21 Trends in overseas travel by Japanese nationals (1990-1999)

  The number of Japanese travelers overseas has been in a consistently increasing trend since 1990, except in 1991 and 1998. In 1999, the number exceeded the previous year's figure by 551,354 (3.5%) to reach 16,357,572. By destination, the USA (including Hawaii and Guam) was most frequent with 4,841,292, accounting for about a third of the total. This was followed by South Korea, China, and Thailand, in that order(source:Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice).
  Of Japanese nationals who reside overseas, Fig. I-22 shows trends in "permanent residents" who have obtained the right of permanent residence in their country of residence, and"long-term residents"who stay for 3 months or more (these two together being referred to as "Japanese expatriates"). Compared to the previous year, permanent residents increased by 0.7% and long-term residents by 0.9% in 1999.

Fig. I-22 Trends in Japanese expatriates(as of October1st,1990-1999)